Screen Interface* Pattern 21.5″ with options of screens of 10.5″ until 24″; Multi-touch, until 10 simultaneous touches;
Processing Unit* Built into the lid with processing from Dual Core, memory and storage disk, allowing customizations of Hardware;
Interfaces e Accesses* Stereo sound;
USB connection;
Wireless connection;
Bluetooth connection;
Connection for microphone;
On and off button;
RJ45 network;
Color Solid with options of mixing up to three colors;
Basic colors: yellow, blue, orange, green and red;
Special colors: light blue, light green, violet, pink, brown, gray, black and white.
Electric power 110v/ 220v/ Automatic bivolt
Activities More than 300 ludo-pedagogical activities installed, divided into many levels, approach forms and adaptable for many languages (Portuguese, English, Spanish and others), creating an inexhaustible combination for children. Narration of premises of using and soundtrack improve the experience. It allows automatic, unlimited and free actualization. Among the pre-installed subjects, we highlight the following: Literacy, Libras (Brazilian Sign Language), Languages, Science, Math, Geography, History, Illustration and Colors, Memory, Motor Skills, Visual Perception, Logic Thinking and many other activities. Activities are aligned to the learning goals of Brazilian National Common Curricular Base. Installing and using apps only with security key. Compatible with Windows, Linux, Android (including Google Play).
Optional Components Input gadgets: keyboard/ mouse / trackball/ touchpad.
Wall support with many sustenance angles;
Tech Support Online and free tech assistance included for all Brazil;
Accessories Power cable, CD and manual;
Assurance Legal assurance. To be extended by contract, contact us;
Finishing Now edges or corners;
Electric isolation;
Shock and risks resistant;
Water resistant screen (not immersed);
Resistant to pressure above 40 kilos.