Humanization on treatment of your young patients

There is a constant concern about humanizing children’s treatment, specially in case of extended hospital treatments. With the purpose of turning this time more pleasant, many hospitals, clinics, children’s treatment center and diagnostic tests have playful spaces. These ambiances are ideal for Digital Table, which brings entertainment for short periods (such as exams and medical appointments), and for cases of hospitalization or extended treatments, as it can also be used as a tool for educational support.

Digital Table can promote distraction and relaxing at your clinic, office or hospital. When opening path for child interacts with medical and nursing teams, it provides a better communication and bigger receptiveness to the treatment, decreasing strongly the stress and tension levels, common at these environments.

As it fits to children’s needs with disabilities or with physical limitations, Digital Table disposes of touchless technology, which permits that any object sensitizes the screen. Therefor, not only finger tips, but protheses and other objects can be used to touch it. Thinking of children that use wheelchair, we also offer a support to anchor Digital Table on the wall, providing complete accessibility.