A strategic tool at your education institution

Digital Table is an excellent pedagogical tool for your education institution. It offers wide range of resources for many learning strategies, besides its interactive proposal for collaborative entertainment. Playing, children are stimulated by a universe of colors, sounds and characters that establish an important connection among motor, cognitive, affective and social aspects.

Unlike some other digital platforms, as tablets and cell phones, that accept only one child at a time each game, Digital Table is projected for a group until six children can easily interact. There is option to customize from four to ten simultaneous touches. Thus, they play at the same time, reinforcing o contact and socialization among them.

Besides all the fun, the pre-installed apps are oriented for constant learning and they are also in accordance with curricular guidelines of Brazilian National Common Curricular Base (“BNCC” in the Portuguese acronym), from Ministry of Education. The apps also have age range verified by Ministry of Justice. Apps offer more than 300 activities, with many difficulty levels that stimulate children constantly, in all phases of their development.